Our mission

We believe in streamlining the ability for new recruits to get on-board and start work quickly

It’s good for employers and recruiters, who rely upon super-efficient recruitment & on-boarding processes that consistently address compliance. It’s also good for candidates who don’t want unnecessary delays in starting work and earning money once they have accepted a job offer.

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Our Vision

We are harnessing mobile technology to deliver the go-to recruitment data sharing platform

An inclusive platform that is widely accessible to HR/Recruitment teams and candidates alike on a global basis; empowering and enabling control over crucial pre-employment verification and compliance checks.


We place our relationships with people at the core of business

We listen to our partners, employers, recruiters, job-seekers and our own employees - canvassing feedback about recruitment and on-boarding experiences. In doing so we gain a treasure trove of information that drives our technical innovation.

Our social responsibility

We want to play our part in supporting recruitment practice evolution for the benefit of all

We prioritise the wellbeing of our employees; we embrace and promote an open, inclusive work culture where every role is valued. We actively seek to support initiatives that recognise the importance of ‘key & essential workers’ in a post-pandemic world. We are proud to play our part in helping more people integrate into the workforce.

Our Journey


First generation platform launched. Industry first technology enabling a compliant UK Right to Work check to be conducted via a mobile app.


Second generation platform incorporating AI & Machine Learning to provide ID and document validation, enabling automated check review and approval process.


Third generation platform enabling a broader spectrum of pre-employment checks to be undertaken and introduction of a transformational candidate app.