Automated Right to Work 'Share Code' Processing

September 22, 2021

With use of the government’s online share code system for accessing Right to Work eVisa's becoming more prevalent, Rightcheck have introduced a new feature to streamline and automate the lengthy process for employers.

Coincident with the updated Home Office guidance 1st July 2021, online share code replaced a number of EU national identity documents and has become one of the primary methods of ascertaining Right to Work status.

This creates challenges for business - the system is not intuitive and has several steps that must be adhered to for the check to be compliant with immigration and GDPR legislation.

Addressing this challenge, a new feature has been introduced in the Rightcheck app, which transforms the lengthy process into an automated two-step task that can be completed in seconds.

To illustrate the impact of this new feature, let's first consider the manual 10-step processing a share code and accessing the candidates' eVisa via the government website:

  1. Obtain Share Code and Date of Birth from employee
  2. Navigate to, click 'Start Now'
  3. Enter applicant's share code, click 'Continue'
  4. Enter applicant's date of birth, click 'Continue'
  5. Enter name of organisation, click 'Continue'
  6. Obtain the confirmation of the candidate's right to work in their profile
  7. Check the appearance of the candidate face-to-face
  8. Make a separate note on your systems of any expiry dates and monitor for required right to work re-check
  9. Keep a secure copy of the eVisa (either electronically or in hard copy) for the duration of their employment
  10. Retain a secure copy of the eVisa for a further 2 years post-employment then ensure appropriate deletion, disposal of data

This manual process requires HR managers/recruiters to navigate through five different web pages and take additional steps to ensure secure handling and storage of sensitive candidate data in accordance with GDPR.

With the Rightcheck app, this lengthy process is reduced to the following 30-second process in just 2 steps:

  1. Enter Share Code, date of birth and nationality of the candidate
  2. Tap ‘capture’ which automatically accesses and uploads the required eVisa from the government website

Rightcheck is fully digital, with secure data encryption, and incorporates automated facial recognition and data analysis to capture all required data (including any relevant eVisa expiry dates). Moreover, this new Rightcheck feature allows full flexibility for HR teams to carry out checks both physically, or remotely via video link. To find out more please contact us.

With the 30th June deadline for applications for the EU Settlement Scheme now passed, we are aware that many HR teams are finding it challenging to navigate the new rules outlined in the latest the Home Office Guide to Right to Work checks effective 1st July. This is just one of several features that Rightcheck has implemented to enable HR professionals to address ALL of the recent changes arising to remain compliant. Should you require any further information, or help interpreting the Home Office guidance, please feel free to contact us on