Compliance with Right to Work legislation - the challenges faced in the Retail sector

November 11, 2021
Accounting for one of the biggest sectors in the UK economy, more than 10% of the working population in the UK are engaged in the retail sector. Retail has always been fast-paced across all facets - products are always changing and adapting to new trends, employees are constantly on their toes, and recruitment is certainly not an exception.

Due to the nature of typical job roles, the staff turnover rate in retail has remained high over the years. Today this challenge is further heightened with staff shortages, exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19, as candidates re-evaluate their priorities and job needs.

Do you recognise the following Right to Work challenges when recruiting in the Retail sector?

  • Your company operates multiple sites in the UK, all hiring staff on a daily basis. With a centralised HR team, this creates a difficulty to monitor checks and ensure they are consistently being undertaken correctly. by  
  • As recruitment in store is fast-paced, your recruiters inadvertently miss essential steps in order to get staff on board quickly and do not follow all necessary steps to achieve compliance.
  • Your recruitment team struggles to keep up-to-date; knowledge of required procedures to conduct a valid Right to Work check in line with the latest Home Office guidance.
  • Your recruiters lack clear understanding on how to remain compliant with GDPR, when handling sensitive candidate ID documentation as part of a Right to Work check.
  • Your HR team lacks  a reliable system for the organisation and safe storage of all the checks conducted. 

Rightcheck is very much aware of these challenges; with several clients operating in the Retail sector, including clothing, building materials, beauty and cosmetics, and supermarkets. 

The Rightcheck platform addresses these challenges in Retail as follows:

  • Rightcheck is designed for decentralised HR teams; all your store managers are equipped with the recruiter app to conduct Right to Work checks
  • All the checks can be managed via a cloud-based HR web portal providing HR with full control and visibility of all recruitment activity and checks conducted
  • The recruiter app is intuitive and will guide your recruiters through the exact steps to perform a compliant Right to Work check in about 90 seconds
  • The app has built-in logic that reflects the the latest Home Office guidance, this is auto-updated whenever the legislation is revised - your HR team no longer have to worry about keeping up-to-date with legislation
  • Each candidate’s sensitive check data is encrypted and stored securely in the HR web portal in complete accordance with GDPR

Discover how our solutions can support you and your business.

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