New feature to combat identity fraud in recruitment

February 21, 2023
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In the wake of increased identity fraud and Home Office Right to Work legislation changes, Rightcheck has released a new feature that supports the protection of businesses with their recruitment activity.

The Rightcheck app now includes an Imposter Check. This new feature enables a simple, quick on-boarding check of an individual on their first day to ensure their appearance is consistent with their Right to Work ID documentation i.e. they are not an imposter.

As Mark Andrews, MD of Rightcheck, explains ‘ID fraud is a clear and present risk in recruitment, especially when hiring remotely. This new Rightcheck feature will help businesses combat this threat and in the wake of recent Home Office legislation stay compliant’.

Post pandemic, many organisations have modified their recruitment practices with a greater swing towards remote. These remote approaches whilst offering an efficient, alternative approach to traditional in-person interviews can leave organisations exposed to identity fraud. Employers should also be aware that Right to Work legislation has also been significantly revised post pandemic – legislation concerning remote/in-person Right to Work checks that came into effect 1st October 2022 has become more complex and will undoubtably be subject to further change this year.

Furthermore, employers should take note of recent Government announcements concerning increased enforcement activity.

Embracing these recruitment trends and challenges, Rightcheck offers an intuitive app-based solution that can integrates seamlessly with all profiles of recruitment activity; including businesses who have shifted to a completely remote and those with a blended approach of in-person/remote recruitment. As a Home Office certified supplier, Rightcheck can digitises and automate Right to Work checks whilst ensuring organisations remain compliant.

For a no-obligation discussion about how your recruitment practices relate to these matters, or for guidance on clarifying Home Office legislation, do not hesitate to contact us.