New Home Office Guidance - Effective July 2021 - TAKE ACTION NOW

June 24, 2021
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The end of June signifies the end of the 'grace period' i.e. the deadline for applications to be made to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Coincident with this milestone are wholesale changes to Right to Work checks effective from 1st July - it is vitally important employers, HR, and recruiters familiarise themselves with the new Home Office guidance that has just been released.

The documents in List A (continuous statutory excuse) and List B (time-limited statutory excuse) will change significantly - some documents will be removed and no longer be accepted, some documents will be modified, and there will be new documents added to the list.

In summary:

• Documents for both nationals and family members of nationals of European Economic Area countries or Switzerland will be removed from 1st July 2021.
• For example, the Permanent Residence Card issued by the Home Office to the family member of a national of an EEA country or Switzerland will no longer be accepted.
• New documents will be added to the list of acceptable documents, including new categories for (1) Frontier Workers, (2) EU Settlement Scheme Outstanding Applications and (3) EU Settlement Scheme granted by Crown Dependency.

Another big change that recruiters need to prepare for is that from 1st July onwards, all EU citizens who wish to seek employment in the UK will be treated the same way as other foreign nationals and will be subjected to the point-based immigration system.

Due to the complex nature of these upcoming changes, more updates from the Home Office are expected this year.

We urge employers to study this new guidance extensively and ensure this is cascaded to their recruitment teams; ensuring anyone with responsibility for hiring has a clear understanding of what constitutes a compliant Right to Work check from July 1st onwards.

However, with almost 60 pages of the Home Office publication to digest, we understand that it can be overwhelming for recruitment teams to adjust to changes in such a short timeframe. To help recruiters navigate through the confusion around the constant updates on Right to Work checks, Rightcheck can help you automate ALL updates from the Home Office for your recruitment team to ensure Right to Work checks are in full compliance with the latest legislation.

To make your Right to Work check process quicker and easier in such times of uncertainty, we invite you to have a chat with us.Contact to discuss how we can help you simply address the challenge these Home Office updates create for your Recruiting and HR teams.