Remote Right to Work Checks - Action Required June 2021

June 17, 2021
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On 21st June employers need to be aware of an important update with regards to Right to Work checks.

In March last year, as a temporary COVID-19 measure, the Government announced that Right to Work checks could be undertaken without the need to inspect original documentation.

The Home Office has confirmed this temporary measure will end on June 21st 2021 and employer’s must revert to physically inspecting the candidate’s original ID documentation – in theory meaning these vital checks can no longer be undertaken remotely.

With Rightcheck you can perform a compliant Right to Work and ID validation check at any time and at any location simply by using the Rightcheck mobile app!

The Rightcheck app has built in logic to handle any particular candidate circumstance – intuitively guiding the user through the required check process, regardless of the candidate’s nationality, immigration status or combination of ID documents presented.

What’s more the app incorporates some clever technologies that includes facial recognition and biometric passport/visa data reading to help ensure the documents the candidates presents are genuine.

So if you are concerned about this imminent change and need a fast, secure, digital method in order that you can continue to conduct checks at remotely from your business premises conveniently via your mobile phone contact us now.

Equally, if you have any concerns about this Home Office update and just need some guidance please get in touch - we will be happy to help.