Rightcheck Announce the Release of a New Candidate App

October 4, 2022

The Rightcheck platform now has an additional component – My Rightcheck.

This new app is designed specifically for use by candidates and complements the established regtech Rightcheck platform, completing the capability of Rightcheck to address all key stakeholders:

  • Recruiters and hiring managers have access to a dedicated, intuitive recruiter app that guides the undertaking of  Right to Work and pre-employment checks in a traditional face-to-face interview scenario;
  • Central HR teams have access to a web portal, a single repository for all data & documentation and intelligent guidance on how to process checks and proceed to on-board new recruits;
  • And now with the addition of the candidate app, job applicants themselves are intuitively guided through the regulatory data and documentation they can upload and share with prospective employers directly. This can be undertaken at any stage in the recruitment process - fully supporting remote recruitment needs.
Mark Andrews MD of Rightcheck commented – ‘I am immensely proud of the team at Rightcheck, who have developed and launched this exciting, disruptive component to the platform. The launch of this new candidate app is fully aligned to our mission to streamline the ability to get new recruits on board and starting work quickly – clearly highly desirable for employers and employees, especially in the current challenged recruitment environment of staff-shortages affecting so many sectors.’
My Rightcheck is available on both Apple and Google (Android) app stores and has acquired UK Government, Home Office accreditation.  

My Rightcheck makes it simple and secure when seeking a job, for candidates to share the data and documents recruiters need to conduct their pre-employment checks. All employers in the UK must comply with certain regulatory and other ID verification checks, before they can hire. My Rightcheck makes this an easy process:

  • Guiding candidates through exactly what prospective employers require
  • Directing candidates to enter data and ID documents in accordance with Home Office regulations  
  • Enabling candidates to ‘share’ their data securely and safely with the employer
  • Allowing candidates to save their data to their mobile device, making it simple to share again with other recruiters

For more information about Rightcheck, please contact sales@rightcheck.io