Simple, Secure, Digital Right to Work checks
Improve the efficiency and compliance of your HR Operations by going digital. The leading solution to conduct digital Right to Work checks and verify candidates using IDVT.

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Our Tech

All-In-One Right to Work Platform with HR Automation

  • Certified IDVT Checks for Remote Recruitment.
  • Physical or Digital Share Code Checks for your Hiring Team.
  • Check Management Portal for HR Automation and Check Approval.
  • Imposter Checks via our Mobile Recruitment App.
  • Custom Checks to Support Other Onboarding Needs.


Ensures Compliance Across Your Entire HR Operations

  • Control and Visibility of All Checks Undertaken Across the Business.
  • Enforces and Aligns Internal HR Policies and Procedures.
  • Get Compliance Right the First Time with UK Right to Work Legislation.


Speed Up and Streamline Your Onboarding Process

  • Complete Necessary Candidate Right to Work Checks in Seconds.
  • On-board the Staff You Need Into Your Organisation Rapidly.
  • Transform Manual Check Processes with Automation Saving Time and Money.


Delivers an Exceptional Candidate Experience

  • Create a Strong Impression of Efficiency With Candidates.
  • Provide Confidence in Handling Their Personal Data.
  • Ensure Organisational Compliance With GDPR.

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We place the highest importance on achieving 5 star customer service

We support our clients with transitioning and post implementation we provide access to online support, training materials and tutorials - making it an easy to adopt and use Rightcheck.

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