Delivering the
new normal in conducting Right to Work checks

Rightcheck transforms your approach to Right to Work checks

Candidate Mobile App

The candidate has a great experience from a quick and easy onboarding process.

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Recruiter App

Hiring Manager on-boards in a timely manner, confident they have conducted the right checks.

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HR Web Portal

HR Resourcing Manager follows an intuitive and effective process to administer checks.

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Human Resource Director

HR Director knows their HR department is serving its internal customers well.

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Board / Managing Director

MD is confident that compliance is achieved and best recruitment practices are followed.

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At the point a suitable candidate has been identified to start a job, Rightcheck helps you onboard them as soon as possible.

Identity Verification Technology

Verify biometric data with facial recognition and machine learning technology.

Rapid deployment

Once your organisation is set up, recruiters simply download the app to submit checks.

Checks in seconds

Carry out required checks in seconds to on-board new recruits rapidly.

GDPR compliant process

Capture, process and store your employee's personal data in full compliance with GDPR.


Flexible, off-site recruitment available on Android and iOS that  scales as your business demands.

Right first time compliance

Provide the assurance of adherence to your HR recruitment policies and procedures.

Powerful logic

Intuitive guidance through the right process to be compliant with current legislation.

Integrate with your HR workflow

RESTful API enables seamless integration with your existing HR, ATS and Accounting systems.

Right to Work check automation

Enabling checks to be auto-approved without HR admin intervention.

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