Recruiter Mobile App

Recruiter mobile app

Carry out compliant Right to Work and other pre-employment checks rapidly

save time and money

Eliminate inefficient paper-based systems

No more time wasted on progress chasing, re-checking and rectifying costly mistakes. Adopting Rightcheck can address your legal obligations with regards to Right to Work, Modern Slavery and GDPR when recruiting.


A simple way to achieve compliance right first time

Recruiter follows an intuitive process to conduct compliant Right to Work checks and submit encrypted data securely. You can relax knowing Rightcheck has built-in logic that is auto-updated to reflect the prevailing Home Office legislation.

mobile and cloud technology

Technology to recruit remotely and onboard rapidly

Access to the latest IDVT including facial recognition, AI and machine learning. Automate, reduce human error, authenticate biometric data within ID documents. Recruiter receives notifications of approval, or other actions required within seconds of submitting checks.

See how it works

Watch our quick video demo to see how you could improve the efficiency and compliance of your HR Operations.

View quick demo – 2:28min